Bourbon’s Kiss – Available Now

Here’s an excerpt from Theodora’s story:

‘The wind whipped through her hair as she flew across the sidewalk, passing by half-lit up store fronts, rundown bars, and sleazy restaurants that had side businesses in nefarious activities. Theodora’s heart fluttered wildly in her chest as her high heels cracked across the concrete. Her legs were on fire, begging her to stop. Instead, she pushed herself forward, willing her legs to cooperate. Someone yelled in the distance and she stumbled, almost face-planting into a nearby dumpster. Her skin crawled as his voice slid across her skin like a snake, wrapping around her, choking her. She touched the cool metal of the dumpster, trying to steady her trembling hands. Once upon a time she had loved the sound of his voice, but now she fucking hated it. It morphed into the voice of her nightmare … the one she thought she’d never wake up from. Until tonight.’

If you enjoyed reading Bourbon’s Kiss, continue to follow Theodora’s family in Thoroughbred’s Kiss – being released July 2020.

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