Bourbon’s Kiss – Release Date 14 May 2020

From New York City to the bourbon capital of the world, Theodora Wilkes starts a new life with a new identity.

Reveling in her newfound freedom and simple life, she enjoys working at a coffee shop in a local distillery. As she opens up to a meddling old woman, she worries that she has stayed in one place too long and did the one thing she promised herself she wouldn’t do: build relationships.

When the Master Distiller, Grayson Currie, offers her a place to rent, she is skeptical until she finds out that the meddling old woman, Mag, will be her roommate. As she finds herself spending more time with Grayson, she can no longer deny her attraction to him. Taking control, she offers him a proposition he can’t refuse.

Entangled in web of desire, she tries to ignore her feelings for the one man who has made her feel safe in years. Afraid of being hurt, Theodora battles her fears and fights with her heart.

Can she let go of her hidden past to save her future?

Bourbon’s Kiss will be released at all major retailers on 14 May 2020.

~Kristine Kay~


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